Trash Diggers

December 06, 2019

Rutabaga Story Co. will be producing its first co-production Trash Diggers by Stephanie Woods with Eve and Danny (Rutabaga Co-Founder) leading the charge on fundraising, walrus building, and trash diggeral representation. Trash Diggers takes place on Wrangel Island where the world's saddest people have come to forget. Pam, with the help of Trash Digger expert Eugene, makes the journey Wrangel to recover her daughter Joan. Trash Diggers is full of warmth, and love, and struggle, and magic. It represents everything Rutabaga strives for, and is the kind of theatre the world needs right now. Runs 12/6/2019-12/14.2019.

Theatre Vertigo Debut

September 19, 2019

Eve will be making her Theatre Vertigo Debut as Francine in Dominic Finocchiaro's play complex, a comedic horror show perfect the the Halloween season. complex  sets itself in a high-rise urban dwelling community plagued by a series of strange and gruesome murders. Silly and touching, gory and poignant, complex is a fast paced roller coaster of dialogue and imagery. The show opens September 19th, 2019 at the Shoebox Theatre and runs until October, 26th. Ticket available online at 

Fire and Meat

May 04, 2019

Rutabaga Story Co. will be premiering Eve Johnstone's new, full-length play Fire and Meat inspired by Beowulf and John Gardner's GrendelFire and Meat follows Grendel, the murderous monster of Beowulf. As Grendel tends to her dying mother, a bumbling Dane named Unferth finds his way into their cave. The two struggle to understand their place in the world and in each other's lives as the events of "Beowulf" slowly unfold. Joining the Rutabaga team are Claire Aldridge (Grendel) and Sawyer Shipman (Unferth) as well as Lance Woolen (Tolf, Puppeteer) with Rutabaga Co-Founder Danny Gray (Mother, Georg, Puppeteer). Click the image for tickets are more information on venue and dates. 

Fertile Ground 2019

January 24, 2019

One Festival. Three Projects. For the 10th Annual Fertile Ground Festival Eve will be participating in three separate projects as a writer, a director, and an actor. Up first, her 10-minute play Birdfeeder will be produced by PDX Playwrights for their Daisy Dukes Shorts Night (Jan 25th, 7pm; Feb 1st, 9pm.) Second, she will be directing Rutabaga Story Co.'s staged reading of An Irish Exit by Co-Founder Danny Gray (Jan 26th + Feb 2nd, 2pm.) And finally she will perform in the staged reading of Kait by Rebecca Petchenik, produced by PDX Playwrights (Feb 3rd, 2pm.) Click the image for tickets and more info about this year's Fertile Ground Festival.

Two Premieres, One Play

November 04, 2018

Eve Johnstone's 10-minute play Birdfeeder, will make its world premiere at The New American Theatre in Hollywood as one of the finalists for their New American Play Festival of New One Act Plays, 2018. Her play, along with the other three finalists, will go up three Sundays in November. Birdfeeder will then make its Portland premiere at the PDX Playwrights' Daisy Dukes Short Night as a part of the Fertile Ground Festival, 2019. Dates for the Fertile Ground Festival will be announced soon. Click on image for more in info on the New American Play Festival. 

CohoLab, 2018

August 19, 2018

Eve along with her creative partners Danny Gray and Meredith Laubert from Rutabaga Story Co. will be workshopping her new piece Fire and Meat as a part of CohoLab, 2018 hosted by Coho Productions. Four artists were given 20 hours of rehearsal space to workshop and generate content for their proposed project. Each artist also received a $400 stipend as well as a curated feedback session to help bring their pieces to the next level. Each artist will select a small section from their workshopped project and present it to the public at Coho Theatre on Sunday August 19th @ 8pm. Click the image for info and tickets.

Managing Director of CGST

July 27, 2018

After attending the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre as a student for 3 years, a staff member for 2 years, a volunteer teacher for 3 years, Co-Chair of the AAB for 1 year, Eve Johnstone will now take over the position of Managing Director. Her first official project as MD for CGST was to organize the filming of a new promotional video for the camp. Shooting wrapped on opening night of the Advanced Track's shows, and news of the final product will be posted here as well as on the CGST website.

Third Rail Mentorship, 2018/19

July 09, 2018

Eve Johnstone will be joining Third Rail Repertory Theatre for their 2018/19 Mentorship program to study directing, fundraising, and marketing. Eve will be joined by her fellow cohort mentees in learning how full time theatre companies work as well as receiving valuable administrative skills and an opportunity to assistant direct one of the productions put on by Third Rail. 

Portland Debut!

May 10, 2018

Tickets are live for Rutabaga Story Co.'s debut production in Portland! In two weeks, An Interlude in Birdsong written and directed by Eve Johnstone will open at Shaking the Tree Warehouse and run for two weekends. The play follows the lives of three birds, the boy that wanders into their forest, and the events that unfold in their meeting. Tickets are $20 general admission and $15 student. This play is appropriate for children ages 12+. Click the image to buy tickets!

Singing that IndieGogo Song

March 25, 2018

Nothing says a new theatre company like a crowdfunding campaign! Rutabaga Story Co. just launched their IndieGogo fundraiser to put up their new production of An Interlude in Birdsong by Eve Johnstone. All donations go toward the project expenses such as renting performance and rehearsal space as well as providing all the professionals working on this project with compensation. Click on the image to go to the campaign page, and if you're feeling generous any donation is an enormous help!


February 19, 2018

Rutabaga Story Co. will be holding auditions for a new play "An Interlude in Birdsong" written and directed by Eve Johnstone. Auditions will be March 10th from 5-8pm and 11th from 6-9pm at the PETE Studio in SE Portland. This project will be Eve's debut work in Portland with Rutabaga Story Co. For more information on auditions click the photo to go to the Facebook event page, or send a message on the "Contact" page.

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